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TDP –  Project Managment

With the creation of TDP – Engenharia e Fiscalização Lda (MZ), we intend to bring new solutions and technological skills to the market, enabling the sustainable development of Mozambique by offering skilled labor, through the focus on the training of local staff.

TDP – Engenharia e Fiscalização Lda, a Mozambican company established in April 2013, originated in the association between two civil engineers, with vast professional experience, obtained during 25 years of intense professional activity:

euclides leão

His professional career, began in 1988, allowed him to gain a vast experience, obtained in the performance of diversify functions (from Construction Manager, Division Director, Projects Director to positions of Administration), in several companies (civil construction and public works, (Portugal, France, Algeria), having been associated with some of the major residential, industrial, hotel, services, hospital and commercial projects carried out in Portugal and France and participated in the expansion of companies to others European and African markets.

manuel palinhos

Managing partner of TDP – Project and Inspection, Lda, office of engineering and works supervision projects, which has existed in Portugal since November 1991 and which has achieved great awareness and recognition in Portugal by its Clients and Entities (such as LNEC which awarded him the “LNEC Quality Label” in several Design / Construction Projects competitions, where he was qualified in the first place.

Precision, Quality, Profissionalism

TDP provides Management, Coordination and Inspection services of all types of works and projects management, whatever the complexity degree, in all the engineering specialties always focusing its attention and dedication to the service of its Clients, guaranteeing “Precision, Quality and Professionalism” to all the projects in which it is involved.

Since it`s existence, the TDP – Projectos e Fiscalização, Lda has developed methodologies and models own within the engineering specialties, especially in the design of structures, which are associated with sophisticated methods of calculation, also own, and always in harmony with applicable rules and regulations, providing its customers innovative and economically advantageous solutions.

This research and development focused primarily in the areas of steel structures of large spans; Support structures with resource (or not) to anchors and with presence of water level; Special foundations; foundations for wind turbines; industrial floors; water treatment waste and consumption and comercial surfaces dedicated to food distribution, where tdp acquired a knowledge which makes it a leader in its activity.

The companies also performs the coordination of the project, with proper coordination of all projects (including those outside the tdp specialties), allowing control and submits to the Owner an integrated view of the project as a whole and contribute to a better quality control of the execution the work. We also provides the specifications of the works, from the design phase, with preparation of bills of quantities, general and special conditions and technical preparation of budgeting work.